Program Details


Skills Development

The skill development program is aimed at teaching soft skills to the youth particularly from disadvantaged, the drive of the program is to develop the young community, advance learning through online learning support, ease access to internet and digital devices and most specially to broaden the perspective of children at a younger age.

The program aims to create activities for the youth to keep them out of the streets, identify talents and connect them to the relevant space that will groom them in their journey of becoming.


Benefiting from the Internship program under Hanley Technologies, interns are assigned to assist with the Computer Literacy classes. This program empowers and upskills unemployed youth.

Some of the Interns will be used in the center to train and render ICT support to the community.

The Interns have been exposed to on the job training where they successfully participated in networking and Microsoft Software installation projects.

Through these projects, the Interns were able to gain valuable workplace experience thereby increasing their employability.